Janein Chavez, LMFT

Compassionate therapy for trauma, relationships, life and loss…

Welcome. I gather you might be struggling in some way? Maybe you've gone through something emotionally challenging, devastating, or traumatic in your life? Maybe it happened recently or long ago, and it's left you feeling wounded, hurt, or broken? Maybe something happened recently-- a break up, you lost a job, some relationship conflict, excess stress, an argument, or maybe the death of a loved one? Now you're finding it's touched your heart in a way that it's triggering the wound, the one you forgot you had.

Now you're looking for someone to talk to, who will listen without judgment, without critique, someone who will listen with care, and create a sacred space, with their compassionate attention on you.

You've come to the right place.

I've worked with a range of people, from a variety of backgrounds and walks of life...

Some people have issues, concerns, problems, frustrations, fixations, ruminations, ideas, thoughts, and ways of life that just aren't working for them. They struggle with being in their own skin, are trying to figure out who they are after adversity and challenging experiences.

Others struggle with dark secrets that they've carried for years and finally want to open up about them and let them go, or are "picking up the pieces" and figuring out which way is next.

Some are frustrated and want to figure out what's bothering them deep down inside, or just want and need a supportive ear to listen while they process what's going on in their world.

The wound is the place where the light enters you…

Whatever might be happening in your world, I'm glad you're seeking help. I want to walk with you to find the calm, or the happiness, the peace of mind, or the healing you’re desiring.

Hopefully you're ready to work on bringing love and compassion into your life.

Let your wound be the place where the light enters you....


“Caring for myself is not self indulgence,

it is self preservation and that is an act of political warfare...”

Audre Lorde


My focus

I've been exploring the fields of wellness, holistic health, and the mind-body for close to 20 years and my interest in psychology, mythology, and spirituality began long ago.

I lived abroad as a Fulbright Fellow, exploring race, culture, identity and womanhood along the "the small coast", la costa chica of Oaxaca, Mexico. I've also traveled large parts of Mexico, Central America, across the US, and across the Atlantic, always curious and thus exploring what life was like for other women, young and old. I've had serious challenges with my own health - physical and emotional. Those challenges had me at the brink, and needing to decide what I really wanted out of life if I were to survive. I survived, and remain grateful. From that moment on, I made the commitment to live a full life everyday. As with life, tragedy struck years later, and it forced me to recommit to my life using self-compassion, self love, and gratitude at the center of everything.

I set my heart on this work of being a compassionate companion to others through life's struggles, traumas, adversities, tragedies, and challenges - to the other side -  perhaps beauty, joy, peace, calm, contentment, or ease. Like "a healing ray" for those experiencing dark moments in life, trying to find the Light, healing, balance, and peace of mind.

I create this space as an hommage to all women, from latinx/mexicanas/chicanas, women of color, as well as women from all walks of life—to focus on self care - the caring of one’s body, mind and soul. I create this space for those moments when one is feeling they might not survive what they’re struggling with. I create this space with hopes that one may not only find that caring for the self is a political act, and an act of preserving one’s self, but that could mean caring for the self so that you may thrive and prosper…


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